LSI LSIiBBU08 Intelligent Battery Backup Unit LSI00264 for 6...

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The LSI Intelligent Battery Backup Unit LSIiBBU08 with higher ambient temp tolerances for 6Gb/sMegaRAID SAS Controller 9280 & 9260 Series 

Mfg. Part Number:

AVAGO MPN: L5-25083-04

Features & Benefits:
•  Helps to protects integrity of cache in the event of power or server failure
•  Higher maximum ambient temperature tolerance than previous generation battery backup units
•  Multiple modes of operation and retention times
•  Transparent and shorter learning cycles
•  For use on all existing 6Gb/s MegaRAID controllers
•  Customize mounting location in chassis with remote mounting options


The LSIiBBU08 can tolerate higher ambient temperatures around the battery backup unit as compared to the previous generation battery, with tolerances of up to 55°C versus 45°C for ambient cell temperature. There is also a remote mount option available which allows customers who have limited chassis space or a constrained thermal environment to reposition the battery backup unit away from the RAID controller card for cooling purposes.

A lower temperature environment will generally help prolong the service life of a battery backup unit, while high temperatures and extreme conditions will shorten the battery life. For example, if the battery is set to a 12-hour DRT and 45°C mode, it may not require replacement for the life of the RAID controller.  However, using a 48-hour DRT and 55°C mode with your battery may cause a situation where the battery requires replacement after the first year of use.

The LSIiBBU08 allows for multiple modes of operation, which let the user select a shut-off data retention time (DRT) of 12, 24, or 48 hours with associated operating temperatures, learn cycles, and estimated service lives. The MegaRAID controller firmware will use the LSIiBBU08 until it calculates that the battery can only guarantee cache data for the selected period of time in the event of power loss to the server.  With previous generation MegaRAID batteries, there was only one mode of operation with a retention time of 72 hours. By offering these multiple modes of operation, the LSIiBBU08 provides the flexibility to select the optimum DRT, performance based on cache policy, and maximum operating temperature that best fits their specific application and environment.


LSI 6Gb/s MegaRAID SAS controller 9280 & 9260 Series

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